Shengo Advertisment Policy

ADV Policy

Last updated: 10/28/2018

Shengo advertisement is platform independent, child of shengo. It works in any device support or not javascript. The engine of adv project control the flows of each adv instantly and randomly with delay 20 seconds one adv and transition time 5 seconds. This core engine prevent unfair advertisement, means once you see the adv you don't see it again it unless the other adv is seen. Assume there is 10 adv plan which currently active, these 10s adv should not sequentially flow rather be random without repeat it again the other is waiting cause we need something right, so adv should cycle all 10s adv after complete cycle the adv engine refresh the adv shuffle. It sounds like fair, yeah?

The first thing you should consider is the advertisement should have free from any politics, religion... it's only bound with business logic if not, the advertisement will be canceled without published it and re-back your money so, take must be care at this point.

The payment is reasonably and fair payment and 12% discount in each plan not include day plan, so you can calculate the payment assume you went to week plan adv so the math is:

150*7*88% = 924 birr
The adv is active when you complete the payment of your plan and we will give you 7 days to pay us if not the adv request will delete from our database.

ADV Plans

  1. Day plan

    The adv is active full 24 hours after that it will expire. The activation of adv is depend on your payment time. Money you have to pay currently is 150 Ethiopian Birr.

  2. Week plan(924 birr)

  3. Month plan(3960 birr)

  4. 3-Month plan(11880 birr)

  5. 6-Month plan(23760 birr)

  6. 9-Month plan(35640 birr)

  7. 1-Year plan(47520 birr)

ADV Position and Placement