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  • Arba Minch University
    • Engineering Sciences
      • Software Engineering
        • Year G2
          • Semister I
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              Probability and StatisticChernet Nov 25 at 3:26am3 MB
    • Computer Sciences
      • Computer Science
        • Year G1
          • Semister I
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              Introduction to comp chap-5Abdu Nov 09 at 5:01pm2 MB
              Introduction to comp chap-6Abdu Nov 09 at 5:01pm174 KB
              Programming-I(chap-5)Abdu Nov 09 at 4:59pm3 MB
              Programming-I(chap-4)Abdu Nov 09 at 4:58pm507 KB
              Programming-I(chap-2&3)Abdu Nov 09 at 4:57pm473 KB
              Programming-I(chap-1)Abdu Nov 09 at 4:57pm310 KB
              HIV-chap-3(Gender based violence)Abdu Nov 09 at 4:56pm2 MB
              HIV-chap-2(Sexual and Reproductive)Abdu Nov 09 at 4:55pm3 MB
              HIV-chap-1(Basic_of_HIVAIDS)Abdu Nov 09 at 4:54pm2 MB
              F.electronic chap-5(Diode)Abdu Nov 09 at 4:52pm384 KB
              F.electronic chap-2(DC-analysis)Abdu Nov 09 at 4:50pm359 KB
              F.electronic chap-1Abdu Nov 09 at 4:47pm285 KB
          • Semister II
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              Programming-II(chap-6)Abdu Nov 09 at 5:13pm330 KB
              Programming-II(chap-4)Abdu Nov 09 at 5:11pm730 KB
              Programming-II(chap-3)Abdu Nov 09 at 5:11pm740 KB
              Programming-II(chap-2)Abdu Nov 09 at 5:10pm275 KB
              Programming-II(chap-1)Abdu Nov 09 at 5:10pm947 KB
              Basic Writing Skill full handoutAbdu Nov 09 at 5:08pm4 MB
              Statistics and Probability fullAbdu Nov 09 at 5:07pm3 MB
              Digital electronics-chap-2Abdu Nov 09 at 5:04pm677 KB
              Digital electronics-chap-2Abdu Nov 09 at 5:04pm3 MB
              Digital electronics-chap-1Abdu Nov 09 at 5:03pm592 KB
              Applied Mathematics-I full Abdu Nov 09 at 5:02pm2 MB
        • Year G2
          • Semister I
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              Java-appletAyu Feb 18 at 3:01pm994 KB
              DS & Algorithm chap-6Ayu Jan 19 at 4:54pm171 KB
              DS & Algorithm chap-5Ayu Jan 19 at 4:54pm543 KB
              DS & Algorithm chap-4Ayu Jan 19 at 4:54pm301 KB
              DS & Algorithm chap-3Ayu Jan 19 at 4:53pm206 KB
              DBMS-B+ treeAyu Jan 19 at 4:51pm389 KB
              DBMS-B treeAyu Jan 19 at 4:51pm136 KB
              DBMS-chap-7(Indexing)Ayu Jan 19 at 4:50pm907 KB
              DBMS-chap-6(Relational Agebra)Ayu Jan 19 at 4:50pm852 KB
              DBMS-chap-5(Normailization)Ayu Jan 19 at 4:49pm848 KB
              CompArch-chap-8Ayu Jan 19 at 4:45pm640 KB
              CompArch-chap-7(RTL & MicroOPR)Ayu Jan 19 at 4:45pm756 KB
              CompArch-chap-6(Basic COD)Ayu Jan 19 at 4:44pm368 KB
              CompArch-chap-5(IO organ...)Ayu Jan 19 at 4:43pm868 KB
              Numerics_full_handoutAyu Jan 19 at 4:40pm2 MB
              Discrit chap-1,2,3Ayu Nov 27 at 4:03pm316 KB
              Numerics full-handoutAyu Nov 27 at 3:45pm775 KB
              Database full handoutAbdu Nov 09 at 5:32pm13 MB
              Comp Architecture(chap-2)Abdu Nov 09 at 5:30pm2 MB
              Comp Architecture(chap-1)Abdu Nov 09 at 5:29pm2 MB
              OOP-chap-5Abdu Nov 08 at 12:43pm103 KB
              OOP-chap-4Abdu Nov 08 at 12:41pm66 KB
              OOP-chap-3Abdu Nov 08 at 12:40pm55 KB
              OOP-chap-2Abdu Nov 08 at 12:40pm40 KB
              OOP-chap-1Abdu Nov 08 at 12:39pm110 KB
          • Semister II
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              Networking chap-5Ayu Apr 13 at 6:38pm2 MB
              Networking chap-4Ayu Apr 13 at 6:37pm3 MB
              Networking chap-3Ayu Apr 13 at 6:36pm2 MB
              Networking chap-2Ayu Apr 13 at 6:35pm716 KB
              Networking chap-1Ayu Apr 13 at 6:33pm2 MB
              Oprating System-Chap-3Ayu Mar 27 at 9:28am324 KB
              Oprating System-Chap-2Ayu Mar 27 at 9:26am513 KB
              Oprating System-Chap-1Ayu Mar 27 at 9:20am268 KB

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